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A prestidigitator could not do better with your soiled shirts!

What is a prestidigitator you ask?  An illusionist or magician!  When is that last time you can think of someone using the word prestidigitator in normal conversation?  No one calls David Copperfield a prestidigitator, and I don’t blame them.  Calling … Continue reading

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County Office Research: Focus on the County Auditor & the County Recorder

Have you ever wondered how or why records in a county office were created? The county auditor and recorder offices create a variety of records that help us understand where and how our ancestors were living. Finding an ancestor documented … Continue reading

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Family History Research: The Civil War War (GW30B)

Are you interested in how to research the experience of an Ohio soldier during the Civil War?  Are you having difficulty identifying records of military service during this conflict?  This presentation will focus on the three main types of war … Continue reading

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