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Polly Crockett: Queen of the Wild Frontier

One of our objects featured in 1950s: Living the American Dream is to be featured in an upcoming session at the annual Mid-Atlantic Popular and American Culture Association conference! Chosen as one of the 25 Artifacts of the American Childhood, the Polly Crockett … Continue reading

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Victorian Mourning Culture: Memorializing the Dead

An essential portion of the mourning culture during the Victorian Era was the memorialization of the deceased. Once again, the memorializing of loved ones fell to the women, as they were considered memory vessels for the family.  In this practice, … Continue reading

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#AskAnArchivist Day Is October 30!

Ever had a question for an archivist that you have not had the chance to ask? Today archivists around the country, including archivists at the Ohio History Connection, are taking to Twitter to respond to questions tweeted with the hashtag … Continue reading

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Three Centuries of Flags on Exhibit

Thanks to a recent loan from the Ohio National Guard there are three centuries of flags represented in the Follow the Flag exhibit at the Ohio History Center. The new addition to the exhibit is the flag of the 134th … Continue reading

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Before Compact Disks and MP3 Players there were these things called…

… audio cylinders. In honor or World Day for Audiovisual Heritage we have a post about early sound recordings. Today we listen to music and voice recordings through digital formats. However, the first recorded sounds were captured on cylinders. These cylinder … Continue reading

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Victorian Mourning Culture: Women’s Mourning Accessories

Women’s clothing in the Victorian Era extended beyond simple clothing and in mourning, women had special accessories for this period.  When a loved one died, everything from hair pieces to gloves was affected.  In these socially expected ways women could … Continue reading

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Archives Contest Entry: Paper Boy On a Unicycle

While the “I Found It in the Archives Contest” has concluded for 2014, we want to take this opportunity to share all of the fascinating entries that were submitted to the Ohio History Connection’s local contest. Special thanks to everyone … Continue reading

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