Art Research at the Ohio History Center Archives/Library

Interested in Ohio art? The Ohio History Center Archives/Library has several collections related to Ohio art and artists! Highlights include:


Lilly Martin Spencer

H 24656, Self Portrait of Lilly Martin Spencer.

H 24656, Self Portrait of Lilly Martin Spencer.

SC 1122
The photographs are of paintings by Lilly Martin Spencer, including two different self-portraits and a portrait of her husband. Three of the photographs in the collection are of the same painting, “Self-Portrait,” by Lilly Martin Spencer

MIC 119
Microfilmed papers and correspondence of nineteenth century painter, Lilly Martin Spencer, and the Martin family include family history, photographs of Spencer’s paintings, articles and Ann Byrd Schumer’s M.A. thesis about her life and work, and a miscellany including a list of Spencer’s paintings. Letters to the Martins are from reform sympathizers in Ohio and Massachusetts and from their daughter, Lilly Martin Spencer, who comments on the art trade and her career in Cincinnati, New York, and Newark, N.J. Roll two also contains the Bland Gallery Papers, the Oronzo Vito Gasparo Papers, and the Richard Brown Baker Papers, held by the Archives of American Art.

From AV 58,  Emerson Burkhart pinching his nose while handling a duck that he used as a model for his painting.

From AV 58, Emerson Burkhart pinching his nose while handling a duck that he used as a model for his painting.

Emerson Burkhart
VFM 3504
The Emerson Burkhart collection is made up mostly of correspondence. There are ten letters written to Emerson Burkhart while he was in Mexico (circa 1961-1965), most of the letters were sent from Columbus, Ohio. Correspondents include Karl Jaeger and North East Ohio artist, Clyde J. Singer. Also included is a letter from Burkhart to Bingham Small in Charleston, West Virginia (1964). Also found in the collection are notes by Burkhart on life and art, a photocopy of a talk given by Burkhart, as well as programs from various events. The programs include: programs for musical presentations at East High School (1937; 1938) and Baldwin Wallace (1938); a program for a show at the Columbus Gallery of Fine Arts (1942); and a program for services at St. Paul’s Episcopal Church in Columbus, Ohio (1935).

VFM 3504 AV includes of photographs of Emerson Burkhart and his friends and family. Included in the collection is a photograph album dated circa 1924-1945. The photographs in the album are of Burkhart as well as other individuals some of which are identified. Among the loose photographs are a portrait of Burkhart’s father, Albert Marion Burkhart, and two photographs of John Barsotti, Ohio Historical Society Art Curator.

MSS 440
The Emerson Burkhart Papers contain materials related to the life, career, and accomplishments of Columbus, Ohio Artist Emerson Burkhart. The collection includes correspondence, 1945-1950, as well as materials related to the play “I, Emerson Burkhart” by Doral Chenoweth. Also included in this collection are various publications that belonged to the artist with his sketches and notations, including a letter to his wife Mary Ann, which Burkhart wrote inside of “A Bibliography of the First Editions of John Cowper Powys.”

OVS 7469
Photograph of Ohio artist, Emerson Burkhart. The portrait was likely taken while Burkhart was attending Ohio Wesleyan University in Delaware, Ohio from 1923-1927.

AV 275
An unbound scrapbook of illustrations from newspapers and magazines compiled and used as reference by Columbus, Ohio artist Emerson Burkhart. Among the illustrations are images of people and animals in various poses. The scrapbook also includes notes accompanying some of the illustrations.

SC 22
Collection contains two views of a mural painted by well known Columbus artist Emerson Burkhart in Stillman Hall on the campus of The Ohio State University. The murals were commissioned by the Works Progress Administration. There are also photographs of Burkhart and other works, including the painting “Tragedy,” which won the Governors Award at the Ohio State Fair in 1946; a group of Ohio State Fair visitors examining Burkhart’s “Animal Nature in Man” in 1951; two different self portraits dated 1955; and two shots of Burkhart at work in his studio dated 1948 and 1952.

Anne Grimes

AV 201
Collection is comprised of master copies of the musical performances and interviews that Grimes collected access copies on audio cassette and supporting documentation. The original recordings were made between 1941 and 1980.

From SC 2808, portrait of Ohio artist and Ashcan School figure, Robert Henri.

From SC 2808, portrait of Ohio artist and Ashcan School figure, Robert Henri.

George Bellows
Newspaper articles:

SC 227
Photographs of Bellow’s paintings, including “Children on the Porch,” “Eleanor, Jean, and Anna,” “Anne in White,” and “Polo at Lakewood.”Includes several unidentified photographs.

William Hawkins

OVS 7296
Color print shows artist William L. Hawkins (1895-1990) standing next to his painting “New Hotel at Broad and High St.”

May E. Cook

SC 5753
Collection includes twelve photographs of Ohio artist May E. Cook’s sculptural work. Ohio State University professor Frank Haskett, chairman of the Department of Photography, took the photographs around 1930. The images include six jardinières, three figural works, a set of bird baths and one of the artist working on a sculpture in the studio.

Elis F. Miller

P 385
The Elis F. Miller Collection primarily holds the manuscript material, prints, paintings and sketches of Elis F. Miller.

From SC 1842, artist Howard Chandler Christy is pictured in the center.

From SC 1842, artist Howard Chandler Christy is pictured in the center.

Howard Chandler Christy

SC 1842
Collection contains two photographs of artist Howard Chandler Christy attending public events, possibly portrait unveilings. There are two photographs of Christy’s home on the Muskingum River in Zanesville, Ohio taken in 1922 and 1925. Additionally, there is a photomechanical reproduction of the Christy painting “Scene at the Signing of the U.S. Constitution,” which hangs in the United States Capitol Building in Washington, D. C.

OVS 1765
Newspaper article, by Dann O. Taber, re: artist Howard Chandler Christy and his painting entitled the “Signing of the Greene Ville Treaty.” Also includes a pencil sketch or tracing of the painting with identification of the principals involved.

From AP 1595, Josephine Klippart and her mother, Mrs. Emeline Rahn Klippart, of Columbus.

From AP 1595, Josephine Klippart and her mother, Mrs. Emeline Rahn Klippart, of Columbus.

Josephine Klippart

MSS 143
Secretary of the Ohio State Board of Agriculture. Correspondence, journals, notes, and other papers (1833-78), relating to personal matters, business, politics, the Ohio Geological Survey, and agriculture; and correspondence, diaries, and financial accounts (1847-1933), of Klippart’s wife, Emeline (Rahn) Klippart, and their daughter, Josephine, an artist.

MSS 1349
The Nelson E. Jones Family Collection of historical monographs, correspondence and documents primarily focuses on the Jonnes/Jones family of Circleville, Ohio. Notable in the collection is the original announcements of “The Nests and Eggs of the Birds of Ohio” along with original correspondence and writings related to the late nineteenth century publication by the Jones family. The 329 page text which was illustrated by sixty-eight hand colored lithograph plates was offered as a subscription in the late 1870’s and won awards at the Columbian Exhibition and an honorary degree from Hobart College for Howard Jones who over saw the project. The plates were illustrated and the text was written by his sister, Genevieve, and mother, Virginia Smith Jones. A handful of talented watercolorists aided in the final phases of the seven year project when the main illustrator, Genevieve Jones, died. The women included in the team were Eliza J. Shulze, Nellie Jacobs, Kate Gephart, and Josephine Klippart of Columbus.

From State Archives Series 1039 AV, photograph of a woman pointing to an oil painting of vases in Cleveland, Ohio.

From State Archives Series 1039 AV, photograph of a woman pointing to an oil painting of mortars and pestles in Cleveland, Ohio.

Art Groups and Organizations:

MSS 872
Pen and Pencil Club records, 1905-1942
Scrapbook of the Pen and Pencil Club of Columbus, Ohio, a professional and social club formed in 1897 by artists, contains clippings, photographs, and original drawings documenting activities of the club and its members, including artist George Bellows. The scrapbook was dismantled for microfilming, with contents removed to MSS 872 and MSS 872 AV, and OVS 1214-1223, 1263 collections in the Ohio Historical Society

VOL 1589
Robert W. Toomey Scrapbook, circa 1921-1925
A scrapbook created by Robert W. Toomey who worked for the Ohio State Division of Insurance and led the Columbus Pen & Pencil Club. The scrapbook spans the years circa 1922-1925 and contains photographs, sketches, newspaper clippings, postcards, programs, and letters.

AV 185
Artists on Art collection
The Artists on Art Collection includes the interview transcriptions, video and audiotape created by The Artists’ Organization for artists participating in the Artists on Art project. The interviews are accompanied by biographical surveys, news clippings, exhibit catalogs and images of their artwork submitted by the participants. The collection is an expanding project that will continue to collect the histories of Ohio artists’ in accordance with the Artists on Art mission.

State Archives Series 1039 AV
Ohio Guide Collection
Consists of approximately 4,769 photographs collected for use in the Ohio Guide and other publications of the Federal Writers’ Project in Ohio, 1935-1939 including images from the Federal Art Project.

Interested in searching for more? Check out the online collections catalog! The Archives/Library, located on the 3rd floor of the Ohio History Center, is open Wednesdays-Saturdays 10am-5pm.

Emily Lang, History Curator

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