New Civil War Collections at the Ohio History Connection

Andrew Harris from SC 5824

Andrew Harris from SC 5824

Civil War Cartes de Visite

The Ohio History Connection recently acquired twelve cartes de visite of Civil War Officers from Ohio who served in the Union Army: Godfrey Weitzel, William D. Whipple, Walter C. Whitaker, Edward A. Wild, Orlando B. Willcox, August V. Kautz, Andrew L. Harris, Samuel L. Gilbert, Josiah Given, Thomas L. Young, Alvin Coe Voris, and Darius B. Warner [call numbers SC 5818-SC 5829]. The Ohio History Center provides access to over 1,400 archival collections related to the Civil War and these cartes de visite are a great addition. Several of these officers served in Ohio Infantry and Cavalry Regiments and that were not yet represented in our collections. Although we hold collections regarding Governors Thomas L. Young and Andrew L. Harris we held no photographs of the Governors during their military careers up until the addition of these cartes de visite. Displayed here is the carte de visite of Governor Andrew L. Harris in uniform taken at Mathew Brady’s photography studio.

A Letter from One of the Fighting McCook’s

Another recent and significant acquisition is a letter written by Colonel Daniel McCook, Jr (call number VFM 6290), one of the famous Fighting McCooks from Carrollton, Ohio. Researchers can read descriptions of political issues, the Copperheads, and troop morale in March 1863. The letter was written to Colonel Gerretson I. Young from McCook while he was Commander of the 2nd Brigade, 4th Division, 14th Army Corps.

MSS 978 and MSS 979: Emanuel T. Hooker Family

The papers of Emanuel T. Hooker and members of his family are two recently cataloged manuscript collections now available to researchers. Emanuel T. Hooker was born in Fairfield County in 1817 and died in Lancaster, Ohio in 1866. He did not waste the years in between. His papers and the Hooker family papers reveal a man (and family) that could be said to represent the restless soul of the American people. He married three times, with seven children. He traveled not once but four times across the American West. He volunteered to fight in two wars, even enlisting in two separate regiments in the Civil War.  Hooker’s life and travels took him far from his Ohio home. He sailed by ship to Matamoros City, Mexico, led wagons to the goldfields of California, and fought on the battlefields of some of the deadliest engagements of the Civil War. In 1846, at the age of twenty-nine, Hooker enlisted in the 3rd Regiment of Ohio Volunteer Infantry for the Mexican-American War, and was appointed first sergeant. His regiment was part of General Zachary Taylor’s Army of the Rio Grande. In 1847, he returned home to Ohio a second lieutenant. In 1849, he led a company from Independence, Missouri to California as part of the “Gold Rush.” He returned to Ohio, and then headed back to California in 1851, this time with his family. One daughter was born on the journey west. After his second wife died in 1856, Hooker returned again to Ohio, leaving behind a married daughter. In the Civil War, Hooker, now in his mid-forties, volunteered to serve with the 1st Ohio Volunteer Infantry, and was appointed a first lieutenant in Company A in 1861. Severely wounded at the Battle of Shiloh, Hooker recovered and rejoined his unit. Promoted to captain, Hooker mustered out with the 1st Ohio Volunteer Infantry in August 1864, only to volunteer again in September with the 179th Ohio Volunteer Infantry, as a major. He mustered out with the unit in June 1865, returning home to his third wife and young daughter. He died in Lancaster in 1866 and is buried in Elmwood Cemetery.       

To Learn More

These original manuscript and photographic collections are housed at the Ohio History Center, the headquarters of the Ohio History Connection in Columbus, Ohio. They are available for use in the Research Room Wednesday through Saturday, 10 AM to 5 PM.

To find out more about these collections, please go to the Manuscripts, Audiovisual and State Archives database in our Online Collections Catalog. You can search for collections by call number, keywords in the title or subject.

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