New Records Available for Research Online

Thanks to our dedicated volunteers and staff, two more sets of death records have been added to our online Death Certificate Index. That’s over 35,000 new records for you to search!

Columbus Death Certificates, 1904-1908.
Previously unavailable, the Columbus Death Certificates from this time period are now fully indexed.

Updates to the Stillborn Death Certificate Index, 1942-1947.
The original Ohio Department of Vital Statistics main death index included stillborn deaths from 1908-1935. Our Ohio Historical Society staff has begun indexing the remainder of these records and has now added 1942-1947 to the searchable index.

In addition, the Ohio Death Certificate index itself is getting a facelift and a content review. When the 1913-1935 index was originally digitized, the Ohio Historical Society used a software program to translate the hard copy records into online searchable text. Unfortunately, the original records were often difficult to read, resulting in a number of omissions or errors. Currently, our staff is working diligently to cross-check the online index against the original hard copy records to ensure that they are all included.

Example of an Ohio State Death Certificate.  This one is for Orville Wright, Inventor of Airplanes.

Example of an Ohio State Death Certificate. This one is for Orville Wright, Inventor of Airplanes.

In order to make searching for specific individuals easier, we are combining all of our online indexed public records into one comprehensive database. Not only can you search our Select Ohio Public Records Index for death record listings, you’ll also find the indexes for Ohio Girl’s Industrial School records 1869-1943 and Ohio Boy’s Industrial School records, 1858-1944.

Click here to search or learn more about our online Select Ohio Public Records Index.

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