Curators Talks for January Take Visitors through Exhibits

Will you be visiting the Ohio History Center in January?

Be sure to join our curatorial staff for exhibit tours!

Time: 2 P.M.

Place: Meet on the Red Carpet area in the center of the Museum Floor

January 4
Faces of Appalachia: Photographs of Albert J. Ewing
Unidentified Young Woman, Albert Ewing Collection
New objects and photographs related to Albert Ewing and his family are now on exhibit. There is also a whole new selection of never before exhibited glass plate negatives. Join visual resources curator Lisa Wood for an exhibit tour that highlights these recent additions.

January 11
Transforming Ohio: Urbanization, Industrialization and Immigration in the late 1800s
Ohio: Centuries of Change
How did new machines, new people, and new ideas change Ohio in the late 1800s? Join history curator Cliff Eckle for a tour of the Ohio: Centuries of Change exhibit that explains how growing cities, improving technology, and social changes led Ohio to become an important manufacturing center.

January 18
What was Made in Ohio in the 1950s?
1950s: Building the American Dream
From refrigerators to paint-by-number kits there were many consumer products made in the Buckeye state in the 1950s. Join history curator Cameron Wood for a tour of the Lustron house that highlights the many things inside that were “Made in Ohio.”

January 25
Skeletons from the Ice Age
Nature of Ohio
How are mastodons and mammoths different? Which is the most like modern elephants? What kinds of animals lived in Ohio during the Ice Age? Learn more about the animal skeletons that we study to answer these questions with natural history curator David Dyer.

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