Tribal Representatives to Speak for Native American Week

Celebrate Native American Week in Ohio!

The Ohio Historical Society with the direction of Sharon Dean, Director of Museum and Library Services, is actively building relationships with the federally recognized Native American tribes from Ohio. She will be joined at the Ohio History Center this Saturday by representatives of the Shawnee and Wyandotte tribes to discuss these projects and the tribes ongoing work to preserve their cultures.

From the Shawnee Tribe of Oklahoma we welcome Second Chief Ben Barnes. Mr. Barnes has done groundbreaking work with the preservation of the Shawnee language and established a Shawnee language program in the community.

Representing the Wyandot Tribe is Artist-Craftsman and Wyandotte language instructor Richard Zane Smith. Mr. Smith is a renowned Wyandotte potter and artist working in the traditional methods. His work is represented in the permanent collections of the American Craft Museum, the Phillbrook and the Denver Art Museum. He is also an educator actively involved with the Wendat/Wyandotte community and is working to restore traditions and revive their language. He has a wealth of experience researching and teaching Wyandotte heritage, including story telling, art making, and language as well as organizing community events like social dances and gatherings.

This presentation will be Saturday, September 28 at 2 PM on the museum floor of the Ohio History Center. The presentation is free for members and with paid admission.

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