Getting to Know Amunet

For decades visitors to the Ohio Historical Society have been intrigued by the Egyptian mummy in a wooden coffin that was long on exhibit. Her identity and her life story were unknown. Recent research, tests and consultation with experts in Egyptology has led our archaeology staff to discover a wealth of information about both the mummy and the coffin, including what the mummy looked like when she alive. As the story of the mummy has been uncovered, she has received a new name, Amunet which means “the hidden one.”


Click here to read more about the ongoing research. A recent story in the Columbus Dispatch explains the process of recreating Amunet’s face.

To see the unveiling, you can still register to attend the upcoming event, An Evening with Amunet on Saturday, September 7. If you do not make this event, Amunet will be the center piece of the Ohio History Center’s newest exhibit, Transformation.

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