If you like the Collections blog…

…you definitely want to check out the Ohio Historical Society’s Natural History Blog. Curators Bob Glotzhober and David Dyer are writing about fascinating topics, like their ongoing efforts to battle the invasive emerald ash borer and save ash trees at Cedar Bog.

Visitors board walk in Cedar Bog.

Visitors board walk in Cedar Bog.

Also, one of our favorite history bloggers, Betsy Butler of the blog Bee’s First Appearance, has written some great posts this spring and summer about OHS’ exhibits and collections. Here are some examples:

Ever Walked through a Lustron Home? Now You Can at the Ohio History Center!

Let Ihna Frary Help You Plan Your Ohio or Virginia Staycation

“Illustrations of the Nests and Eggs of Ohio” Is an Exceptional Tribute to One of My Kindred Spirits

If Only I’d Worked at the Ohio Historical Society When Naturalist Edward Sinclair Thomas Did

L. Wood, Curator for Visual Resources

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