Where in the World is Our Registrar?

Our Registrar, Lesley Poling, is currently traveling in Peru with the Columbus Rotary Club’s District 6690 Group Study Exchange Team. They left on May 20 and will spend most of June touring the country, including a long stay in Lima, the fourth largest city in the Americas. As a museum professional and Spanish speaker, Lesley will have many opportunities to learn more about museum practices in another country. She had this to say about visiting the Museo Larco:

“Yes, the museum today was really nice. It is all from the collection of the Peruvian “father of archaeology” Rafael Larco. The museum was founded in 1926. He died in 1966 at the age of 65. I got a few pics of the open storage, but it was all ceramics, mostly face jugs behind plex on huge shelves. I think it may be the only museum with open storage here in Lima. Cataloging takes place behind a glass door with a key pad entry. I took a picture of a pretty cool jug depicting childbirth.”

Commentary on visits to more museums and cultural attractions is coming. To read more about Lesley’s travels check out her Team’s blog.

L. Wood, Curtor for Visual Resources

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