More to Discover about the Albert J. Ewing Collection

A recent article about the exhibit Faces of Appalachia: Photographs by Albert Ewing in the Marietta Times is spreading the word about the exhibit in southeastern Ohio. People in the area think there may be people and places pictured in Ewing’s photographs that they can identify.

The Albert J. Ewing Collection in the Ohio Memory digital library is also generating comments. A researcher recently identified a photograph in the digital collection as a view of Marietta, Ohio.

View of Marietta, Ohio by Albert J. Ewing.

View of Marietta, Ohio by Albert J. Ewing.

If you are using looking at the Ewing Collection in Ohio Memory, please leave comments. If you are visiting the exhibit at the Ohio History Center and have questions, you can ask our museum interpreters or e-mail us at We look forward to hearing from you!

L.Wood, Curator for Visual Resources

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