Microfilm Room Gets a New Look

Before view of the old carpet in the Microfilm Room.

Before view of the old carpet in the Microfilm Room.

Come and see our new tile floor in the Microfilm Room, part of the Archives/Library at the Ohio Historical Society. The carpet previously covering the floor was starting to create a tripping hazard for our visitors, so immediate action was taken to remedy the situation. Last week, it was replaced by a lovely blue and white checkerboard tile floor. This was quite an undertaking as 80 fully loaded microfilm cabinets had to be moved out of the Microfilm room, to a temporary holding area, and then moved back again. Each fully loaded cabinet can hold as many as 790 rolls of microfilm and can weigh over 500 pounds. An expert crew from Commercial Works, Columbus, Ohio made moving these very heavy cabinets look almost easy. The Microfilm Room seems so much brighter and welcoming with the new floor.
After photo of the new tile in the Microfilm Room.

After photo of the new tile in the Microfilm Room.

The Microfilm Room contains a wealth of treasures. There are over 53,000 rolls of newspaper microfilm, dating from 1793 to the present. Newspapers from all over Ohio are represented in the collection. There are even some newspapers for immigrants to Ohio written in foreign languages. For our visitors doing family history research, we have many birth, death, marriage, will, guardianship, cemetery and military records on microfilm. How do you find the collections in the Microfilm Room? Please explore our Online Collection Catalog to see if we have materials of interest to you.

Questions and comments can be sent by e-mail to Research Services at reference@ohiohistory.org or by calling (614) 297-2510.

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