Come See the ScanPro 2000

The Archives Library has gone high tech with the purchase of a ScanPro 2000, our first digital microfilm reader/printer/scanner. In addition to being more reliable than our aging analog reader/printers, the ScanPro 2000 has some cool features we think our patrons will love.

The first is the ability to enhance the images so that they will be easier to read. While shopping for the new machine, we were stunned by how much the quality of the images could be improved with the ScanPro. We were able to bring out writing that was too light or fuzzy to read on the conventional reader/printers. On pages where there were dark splotches that had previously left sections unreadable, we were able to even out the brightness and contrast. See below for a before and after shot.

Example of a newspaper article on microfilm that was improved by the ScanPro 2000.

The other big advantage is that the ScanPro 2000 will allow you to scan the image directly to your usb drive in pdf format. This will be a big time saver for those of you who like to keep all of your records on computer.

Sound complicated? Don’t worry. The ScanPro is pretty intuitive to use. Of course, our reference staff would be more than happy to get you started and to answer any questions you might have.

Please come in and try it out!

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