New Addition to Newspaper Collection

Did you know that Ohio Historical Society has many Ohio newspapers on paper and microfilm?

Thanks to a generous donation the collection just got bigger!

We are pleased to announce that the Bliss Memorial Public Library in Bloomville, Ohio recently donated a run of the Bloomville Gazette, dating from approximately 1940 through 2002. Not only will these provide a wealth of information for those doing research in Northwest Ohio or the Bloomville area, but they provide an interesting glimpse into the growth of a small town and their views of the world around them. From local events and celebrations through war and natural disasters, the pages of this paper provide more than half a century’s worth of history.

Volunteer ironing recently received copies of the Bloomfield Gazette.

Before any newspaper title is added to the archive, the papers are sorted and inventoried. This insures that we provide the correct holdings information to our patrons and allows us to note any missing or damaged issues. Next, we iron each issue, carefully removing any creases. While ironing newspapers takes time, it’s actually a very important step in the preservation process! Newsprint is not designed to be archival. It is ephemeral: meant to be used briefly and discarded. Ironing makes our newspapers last longer by removing fold lines that weaken the paper. It prepares the newspaper for flat storage and eliminates the need to continually unfold and refold the thin, fragile pages each time they are used. Because this process is time consuming, it will be a few more months before the Bloomville Gazette is available for public use. We just could not wait to share the news!

The Archives/Library also receives about 80 current newspaper titles from across Ohio each year. These papers are processed the same way. Issues from 2011 are now available and can be found in the Online Collections Catalog. You can search for newspapers by town names or words in the newspaper titles. Include the code ‘npdb’ to limit your searches to only newspapers. Newspapers for the year 2012 will be available early next year. If you (or a group of your friends) are interested in volunteering to help us with our newspaper sorting, inventorying and ironing efforts, contact our volunteer office at 297-2392 or at

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