Exhibits to See this Summer

Looking for something new to see this summer?

If you are in Columbus our new exhibit The War of 1812: Ohio on the Front Line is open at the Ohio History Center!

Why did the War start? Would you have voted to declare war? What major battles were fought in Ohio? Who lead the western Army? Ohio’s important role in the war is explained with documents, maps and objects. On display are original diaries kept by Ohio soldiers, period weapons, and artifacts recovered by our archaeology staff from excavations at Fort Meigs, a reconstructed War of 1812 fort in Perrysburg, Ohio.

If you are in Marietta or planning a road trip, our partners at Campus Martius have a new Civil War exhibit, Touched By Conflict: Southeastern Ohio & the Civil War. Among the many rare items on display is a pike that John Brown carried in his raid at Harpers Ferry, West Virginia in 1859.

We are celebrating the Columbus Bicentennial this summer, but what was Columbus like at the beginning of the last century? If you stop by the main branch of the Columbus Library be sure to see the exhibit Columbus at the Turn of the Century. Items from OHS collections are on display, including a piece of the plane flown in France by World War I “Flying Ace” and Columbus native Eddie Rickenbacker and memorabilia from the Columbus Centennial Celebration in 1912.

Penant for the Columbus Centennial on display at the main branch of the Columbus Library.

L. Wood, Curator for Visual Resources

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