New Catalog is Online

The new Online Collections Catalog is in operation!

Here are a few tips for using the system:

1. We recommend searching both databases– Library and Archives — to get the most accurate reflection of our holdings on a particular topic.

2. Add the term “npdb” to a “Library and Newspapers” search to limit results to just newspapers.

For example, “Columbus npdb” will return all Columbus newspapers.

3. Search for historic maps in the “Library and Newspapers” search.

4. Navigate with the “breadcrumbs” trail that appears just below the “Quick Search” and “Advanced Search” tabs, rather than using the browser’s back and forward button.

5. Please click the red “Log Out” link in the upper right corner when you are done searching. This will take you back to the main catalog menu.

6. To do a call number search in “Library and Newspapers”: go to Advanced Search, click the “use my search operators” box under the Keywords field, then enter your search preceded by “call=” in the Keywords field.

7. To do a call number search in “Manuscripts…”: go to Advanced Search, click the arrow next to “More Search Options” at the bottom, enter your number (e.g., “mss 755”) under “Other Search (1)”, then select “Repository No.” from the drop-down menu to the right.

If you need to search for a museum object, please contact History Collections and Cataloging staff.

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One Response to New Catalog is Online

  1. The new web site and catalog are awesome!

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