OHS In the News and the Blogsphere

If you don’t get the Sunday Columbus Dispatch, here is your link to Brad Lepper’s archaeology column: New Tools Can’t Replace Excavation

Speaking of the Columbus Dispatch, they recently wrote a nice editorial about the Ohio Village and our summer programming: Back to the Future, Ohio Historical Society Wise to Find a Way to Reopen Ohio Village

If you like the collections blog, you might also enjoy the blog beesfirstappearance.
Authored by historian, librarian, and dedicated OHS volunteer Betsy Butler, beesfirstappearance frequently discusses topics related to Ohio history and references the Ohio Historical Society Collections.

One post describes artifacts and archival materials at the Ohio Historical Center from members of the Heinmiller family of Columbus, to whom she is related. In another post she describes her recent visit to Campus Martius, an OHS museum in Marietta. Betsy’s most recent entry tells about the tour of central Ohio, including the Ohio Village and OHS Collections Facility, that she gave to a special friend, Nikolina the Nordic Needle Nisse.

Have you read any good articles or blogs about Ohio history recently? Share them in the comments area.

L. Wood, Curator for Visual Resources

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