Your Ohio Tax Refund Can Make History!

An Ohio tax refund can MAKE HISTORY when a portion is donated to the Ohio Historical Society for the new History Grants Fund.

Ohioans have a new and important way to demonstrate their support for history and historic preservation in Ohio. For the first time, taxpayers will be able to donate a portion of their state income tax refund to the Ohio Historical Society. The Society will use the funds to create a new grant program to support history-related projects throughout Ohio. From the fund, matching grants will be awarded for projects including exhibits and public programs, repair and rehabilitation of historic properties, care for historic objects and documents, education initiatives and much more, in communities across the state. The new grant program will be open to the hundreds of history-related organizations, academic institutions and local governments looking for support of their local history-related initiatives.
You can help get the word out about the new tax check-off option–a blank box–on the 2011 Ohio individual income tax form where those receiving a refund can designate an amount for donation. Please share this message with your friends, family and anyone you know who is concerned about preserving history. 

On the 1040 tax form the box to indicate how much you want to donate is Line 25.

On the 1040EZ tax form it is Line 18.

In the Telefile instructions it is Line 13d.

Questions? Give us a call at 800-686-6124.

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3 Responses to Your Ohio Tax Refund Can Make History!

  1. Beth Odell says:

    Uh oh! I cannot find the check box. Where is it? I looked at both a print and PDF version of the form IT 1040. I work at a public library, and wanted to inform our patrons about this – but I cannot show them how to participate, or participate myself.

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