It’s All About Archaeology in October

October is Archaeology Month.

OHS Archaeologists installing objects in the new exhibit.

Our new archaeology exhibit, Following in Ancient Footsteps, opens on Saturday, October 15th at the Ohio History Center in Columbus with a full day of programming:

10:30 AM The Moorehead Circle at Fort Ancient: Preliminary Results of the 2011 Wright State University Field School Excavations

11:30 AM Excavations at Serpent Mound State Memorial

1:30 PM In Search of Fort Recovery

2:30 PM Results of the 2011 Fieldwork at Pickawillany

OHS Archaeologists and Exhibit staff working hard on the new exhibit.

And just for good measure, archaeology curator Brad Lepper has a column in the Columbus Dispatch this week: Agricultures Role in Our Societies Not so Simple

We hope that you will join us!

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