Do You Know this Man?

Our curatorial staff recently found and cataloged this remarkable photograph.

Photograph of an unidentified Civil War officer.

Based on the gentleman’s jacket and shoulder marks, we are fairly certain that he was an officer in the Union Army during the Civil War. However, we can not see the shoulder marks clearly enough to determine his rank. Based on what is visible, we think it is quite possible that he was a colonel or general. Assuming that he was from Ohio, that does not help us to narrow his possible identity by much as there were hundreds of Union Army generals and colonels from Ohio.

We have compared this photograph to those of a some high ranking Ohio officers who became prominent in Ohio and national politics after the Civil War, but so far this excercise has only produced a list of people whom we believe the photograph is not.

Jacob Dolson Cox – Ohio Governor 1866-1868
James A. Garfield – U.S. Representative from Ohio, U.S. President January-September 1881
Andrew L. Harris – Ohio Governor 1906-1909
Benjamin Harrison – U.S. President 1889-1893
Rutherford B. Hayes – Ohio Governor 1868-1872 and 1876-1877, U.S. President 1877-1880
Edward F. Noyes – Ohio Governor 1872-1874
Thomas L. Young – Ohio Governor 1877-1878

We admit it, we are stumped. Photographs of unidentified people are very common in photographic archives. In many cases the identity of those pictured has probably been lost to history forever. However, in this case, we have a feeling that someone may recognize this gentleman. Perhaps it is his impressive beard, but we think he is memorable. If you have any ideas about his identity, please comment or write us an e-mail at

L. Wood, Curator for Visual Resources

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10 Responses to Do You Know this Man?

    • Meg Thompson says:

      I have an image I just pulled from the Internet–it was one of the larger CW blogs, but I bet this is the same man. Please email me and I will send the image. His first name is odd, and it starts with an “A”–he was associated with the Union Army in Tennessee & Kentucky, and I think went to West Point. He has a strange reputation, and I’d like to know a LOT more.

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  2. Meg Thompson says:

    It is Brigadier General Eleazar A. Paine. His reputation is fairly unsavory, and if you google him up and get another image, you will see that this was a VERY good hair day for the General. Either that, or he was on his meds . . .

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  4. alfonso r. laporte says:

    Colonel John T. Toland, 34th Ohio Infantry.
    See COLONELS IN BLUE,R.D.Hunt.Page 123

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  6. Clyde Crimmel Jr. says:

    The picture looks like Colonel John T. Toland of the 34th Ohio Volunteer Infantry. He performed well in the 1862 Battle of Charleston. He was killed on July 18, 1863 leading an attack on Wytheville, Virginia. This battle is called “Toland’s Raid” or the “First Wytheville Raid”.

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