I Found it in the Archives: National Contest!


The Ohio Historical Society is pleased to announce that Linda Carew Ejzak has been named a finalist in the Society of American Archivists’ I Found It In the Archives National Contest.

As one of six finalists from five states, Linda’s essay has the opportunity to represent Ohioas the national winner.  The statewide contest was sponsored by the Ohio Historical Society with entries being submitted and judged by online vote earlier this year.  Linda’s essay is about a murder that happened within her ancestral family.  Linda’s great great great grandfather experienced the trauma of having one of this son’s kill his daughter’s husband.  The argument between the brothers-in-law resulted in a painful situation for this prominentMansfield,Ohio, family.  Linda discovered the community’s correspondence to Governor Seabury Ford while looking through the boxes of 1849 Pardon Files stored in theOhioHistoryCenter’s archives.  These letters provided additional information about the story and how supporters for pardon felt about the son’s imprisonment at the Ohio Penitentiary and its impact on the family.

Its time to get out the vote!
You can find Linda’s essay on the SAA contest webpage.  All six entries are listed on the national contest page along with the final voting form.  The winner of national contest will be decided by this public online vote which will end on July 1, 2011.

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