Upcoming Workshop – Introduction to Land Office Records in Ohio

Introduction to Land Office Records in Ohio (GW 18A)
Do you think that your ancestor may have bought land from the United States government or received a Revolutionary War bounty? This course describes the differences between a bounty, a direct sale, a grant, and a homestead, and provides a description of how land was divided in Ohio. The course points out where in Ohio lands were available to Revolutionary War veterans, describes how to determine who claimed Revolutionary bounty lands, and how to locate individual claims. Original records will be used to illustrate grants and surveys. All seven original land surveys will be covered. This is a broad introduction to land records and will serve those just beginning research in this area.

Map of Ohio drawn by John Melish, ca. 1813. The land office districts in Ohio, including the Virginia Military District, the Ohio Company and the Western Reserve lands are shown on the map. From the collections of the Ohio Historical Society.

Date/Time: May 5, 2011, 6:30 pm-8:30 pm
Location: Ohio Historical Center
Cost: $15.00 OHS/FCGHS members, $20.00 non members
Click here to Register online

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2 Responses to Upcoming Workshop – Introduction to Land Office Records in Ohio

  1. JulieBrown says:

    Was this course recorded, by any chance? I’m an Ohio native, but now live in California and couldn’t get there for the workshop. Are there materials I could purchase? Or a podcast/recording I could listen to?


    • ohiohistory says:

      Sorry, but we are not able to record the workshop series yet. We hope to be able to do it in the fall/winter, though. Keep watching the blog for an announcement!

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