Saturdays are Hopping at the Historical Center

If you are looking for something to do on a rainy April afternoon, stop by the Ohio Historical Center. In addition to our new exhibit, Controversy: Pieces You Don’t Normally See, there will be programs or discussion sessions every Saturday at 2:30. Here is the list of programs for April:

April 16 Tourism at the Ohio Penitentiary

In the years before 1930 touring the Ohio Penitentiary was a highlight of any visit to Columbus. For 25 cents you could stroll the prison yard, take a paddleboat ride, see the electric chair, and buy ice cream and postcards. Take a virtual tour of the Penitentiary with photographs and objects from the Society’s collections.

Presenter: Liz Plummer, Manager of Research Services

April 23 Who Ate the Chippewa Lake Stag Moose?

About 15,000 years ago at the end of the last ice age Ohio was inhabited by a wide array of now extinct animals. Among these was the Cervalces scotti, commonly referred to as the Stag Moose. As the name might imply, Cervalces was a deer like animal but as large as a modern moose. In a landscape dominated by Mammoths and Mastodons it is a species that is not that well known and often overlooked. In a chance 2008 discovery during a construction project in Medina County, Ohio the remains of a Cervalces were unearthed and subsequently recovered by OHS personnel. While an outstanding find in itself the most interesting feature the discovery was evidence of what may have caused its death. To solve this Pleistocene whodunit you’ll have to attend the April 23 presentation

Presenter: Bill Pickard, Assistant Archaeology Curator

April 30 Packing Up Your Winter Coat

Learn how to properly pack your clothing and textiles for long term storage.

Presenter: Karen Hassel, Site Coordinator

All staff presentations are free with admission to the Historical Center.  See you there!

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2 Responses to Saturdays are Hopping at the Historical Center

  1. Robert Demetry says:

    Is there an audio CD on the Apr. 30th lecture by Bill Pickard on ” Who ate the Chippewa Lake stag moose?” I am researching the Cervalces Scotti for a newspaper article.

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