Upcoming Workshop – Institutional Records Seminar

Institutional Records Seminar: Records from Ohio’s Prisons, Asylums, and Children’s Homes (GS 1)

Bertillon card of Mattie Brooks, Ohio Penitentiary Inmate #43277, 1915.

Records from Ohio’s government operated institutions provide fascinating insights into the people who lived there. Information available could include photographs, height and weight, occupation, parents’ and siblings’ information, and the reason the person was admitted to the institution. In this expanded four hour seminar, attendees will be shown how to search for information in the following institutions’ records.

  • Ohio Penitentiary, Ohio State Reformatory, and Ohio Women’s Reformatory
  • Behavioral Healthcare and Developmental Disabilities Institutions operated by the state of Ohio
  • Boys and Girls Industrial Schools
  • Ohio School for the Deaf
  • Children’s Homes

Date/Time: April 16, 2011, 9:00 am-1:00 pm
Location: Ohio Historical Center
Cost: $30.00 OHS/FCGHS members, $35.00 non members
Click here to Register online

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