Precious Objects – Be a part of the event

Become a part of an art project!

Precious Objects by Chuck Mintz
December 17, 2010

11AM – 3PM

Photographer Chuck Mintz, in partnership with the Ohio Historical Society, is seeking people interested in being part of the Precious Objects project.  Chuck has photographed people and their objects in Cleveland, Houston, Atlanta, Los Angeles, Long Island and now Columbus.

Precious objects are things that people have had a long time that have some special meaning because of how they got them, who gave the things to them and/or how they have meaning today. They are usually of little monetary value and, if they were lost, would not or could not be replaced. Each participant is asked to write 2-3 sentences about their choice that becomes part of the work.  This is not an easy question for most people. Participants receive a quality digital image of the portrait.  Chuck works with a large format wooden film camera.

If you are interested, please contact OHS at or (614) 297-2571 for more information and to schedule an appointment.

This event will take place at the Ohio Historical Center located at:
I-71 & 17th Avenue (1982 Velma Ave)
Columbus, OH 43211

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