Seige of Cincinnati: More Information in the Archives

There is an article at about the Siege of Cincinnati when the city was threatened by Confederate forces in the fall of 1862. More information about the volunteer militia, dubbed The Squirrel Hunter’s, who defended the city is available in the OHS Archives/Library.

  • Index of the Ohio Squirrel Hunters Roster, call number R 929.3771 P456i
  • Squirrel Hunters’ Claims, call number State Archives Series 2219
  • Squirrel Hunters’ Records, call number State Archives Series 119
  • Discharge for T.M. Welsh from The Squirrel Hunter's, call number VFM 2637.

    There were also African American men who participated in the defense of Cincinnati. When African Americans initially volunteered as militia members, they were denied. When the threat to the city increased in September 1862, they were impressed into service to build fortifications. Their unit was designated the Black Brigade of Cincinnati. They were the first African American men in the north to participate in the war effort. Materials in the OHS Archives/Library about the Black Brigade include:

  • Black Brigade of Cincinnati: Being a Report of Its Labors and a Muster-Roll of Its Members; Together with Various Orders, Speeches, Etc. Relating to It, call number 973.7415 C548
  • Enrollment and report of the Black Brigade of Cincinnati, call number 973.7471 O-b
  • Black Brigade of Cincinnati Flag from the Ohio Battle Flag Collection.

    Read more about the Black Brigade of Cincinnati at the Fight for the Colors web site.

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