Is that Woodrow Wilson’s head?

Yes, this is a photograph President Woodrow Wilson’s head. To be more precise, it is a photograph of 21,000 soldiers who were stationed at Camp Sherman in Chillicothe, Ohio during World War I standing in formation to make the shape of President Woodrow Wilson’s head.

This is a type of novelty photograph that was dubbed a “living photograph.” A series of these photographs were taken across the country by, Arthur S. Mole and John D. Thomas, a pair of photographers who were based in Illinois. In addition to the head of President Woodrow Wilson, they also created living photographs of patriotic symbols like the Statue of Liberty, and Uncle Sam.

Occassionally we find photographs in the archives that make us literally ask, “What is that?” As we discover more unique images, we will happily post them.

Lisa Wood
Curator for Visual Resources

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3 Responses to Is that Woodrow Wilson’s head?

  1. Bobbi says:

    I have this photo. My grandfather is somewhere in there!

  2. Chris Fraley says:

    My Grandfather is in this picture also. He is in the edge of the eye. He actually moved slightly out of the white area so he could later find himself. I have an original copy of this. The photographer did a lot of different pictures using people, very cool!

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