Government Services August 2010 Report

In August State Archives staff cataloged forty-two record series, primarily local government records from Athens, Monroe, Morgan, Perry, and Washington counties including:

• State Archives Series 6714: Athens County Treasurer Tax Duplicate, 1836-1880
• State Archives Series 6943: Washington County Recorder Deed Index, 1788-1856
• State Archives Series 7319: Perry County Clerk of Courts Registry of Births, 1857-1858
• State Archives Series 7320: Perry County Clerk of Courts Registry of Deaths, 1857-1858
• State Archives Series 7321: Perry County Clerk of Courts Registry of Marriages, 1857-1858
• State Archives Series 7322: Perry County Probate Court Assessor’s statements of births and deaths, 1904-1905
• State Archives Series 7329: Washington County Clerk of Courts Court Records, 1790-1819

In addition the following state agency record series were cataloged:

• State Archives Series 4254: Ohio Department of Commerce Director’s Files, 1999-2005
• State Archives Series 7343: Ohio Department of Insurance Retired Abstracts, ca. 1915-1998

 Bibliographic descriptions of these series are available in the Ohio Historical Society’s Online Collection Catalog.

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