Read More About It: Rankin House in the News

The Rankin House, an Ohio Historical Society site, in Ripley, Ohio has been making the news. The house, which sits on a hill overlooking the Ohio River, was the home of abolitionists John and Jean Rankin. Recent excavation work has uncovered historic and pre-historic artifacts.

John and Jean Rankin in a portrait taken circa 1866.

Read More about the Recent Excavation:

Rankin House Excavation Unearths Historic Artifacts
The Independent-Ledger

Digging Up History at the Rankin House
The Ripley Bee

Rankin House ‘Puzzle Pieces’ Dug Up

Rankin House as it appeared in May 1910.

Rankin House as it appears today.

For more background about John Rankin and his historic home, see Ohio History Central, the Historical Society’s online encyclopedia of Ohio history. More visual images related to the Underground Railroad in Ohio can be seen online in the Ohio Historical Society’s online image database, OhioPix.

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