As many on our blog, Facebook, and Twitter have already guessed, the latest addition to the Ohio Historical Society’s history collections is…

Thats right, Devo!

The Devo Collection at the Ohio Historical Society is a small collection of costume items, t-shirts, and vintage stickers from the iconic New Wave band.  While DEVO has achieved international fame with popular songs like Whip It, their roots are firmly centered in Ohio.

Devo, short for de-evolution, formed in the early 1970s when lead singer Mark Mothersbaugh met Kent State art majors, Gerald Casale and Bob Lewis.  It was Casale and Lewis that introduced fellow Akron, OH native, Mark Mothersbaugh, to the concept of man’s regression, de-evolution, and the 1924 pamplet Jocko Homo Heavenbound, which later inspired the band’s 1978 song Jocko Homo.

Once called “the band of the future” by David Bowie, Devo has released nine albums, received international acclaim, and has embedded themselves in the American psyche.    The success of Devo worldwide has not caused the band to forget their origins.  In fact, Ohio still retains significance with the band.   An annual convention, DEVOtional, is held in August in Cleveland, Ohio  and draws fans from around the world.  The  band also participates in other Ohio based events, like the Akron concert for the 2008 Obama presidential campaign.

E. Higgins

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7 Responses to We Are DEVO

  1. Doug B says:

    Don’t know if this cool or I feel sad because it makes me feel old that DEVO stuff is in a historical collection… lol

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  4. Neil says:

    D-E-V-O deserves to be in the Rock an Roll Hall of Fame.

  5. Ed says:

    DEVO and Pere Ubu place Ohio in the vanguard of rock and pop music right across the world.

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