OHS Photographs Used in Columbus Neighborhoods Series

Elevated view of North High Street at night with the famous lighted arches.

When producers at WOSU began research for their Columbus Neighborhoods documentary series they contacted the Ohio Historical Society. The series is intended to celebrate the upcoming bicentennial of Columbus in 2012. We were pleased to provide access to our photographic archives to WOSU staff.  We hold collections from the Columbus Dispatch, the Columbus Citizen-Journal, the Baker Art Gallery, the Columbus Free Press, state agencies and many other sources that extensively document the built environment in Columbus. Participating in documentary projects like Columbus Neighborhoods gives us the chance to share our photographs with people outside of the archives. Additionally, as they went through boxes folder by folder, the WOSU staff found great images of Columbus that had not yet been scanned.

Interior view of Union Station on North High Street in Columbus.

The Short North is the first neighborhood to be featured. This installment made its big screen premiere at the Arena Grand Movie Theatre on March 4 and its television debut on March 8.  Work on upcoming installments about Old Towne East, German Village, Downtown and Franklinton, King-Lincoln, and the University District is underway. OHS staff looks forward to providing more historic photographs for the documentaries and helping Ohio’s capital city celebrate its bicentennial.

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One Response to OHS Photographs Used in Columbus Neighborhoods Series

  1. CarolS says:

    When I was in elementary school, we went on a field trip to Union Station and I was in awe when we walked into the terminal, amazed by the size and beauty of it. We then went through some trains as they explained what was what. Just a few years, it all came tumbling down and broke my heart. Another piece of Columbus history wiped out for what they call progress. They don’t build buildings like they used to. Thanks so much for sharing this with us.

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