Top Ten Complete

The curators at the Ohio Historical Society would like to thank you for you comments and enthusiasm for this project!  This blog series has accomplished exactly what we had hoped for, discussion.  On message boards, Facebook, offices, and classrooms people are discussing and learning history!

Now that we have come to the end, we want to hear from you.  What do you think of these “Embarrassing Moments”?  What would you have included?  What would you like to see next on our blog?

The Top Ten Most Embarrassing Moments of Ohio History

10. Ohio Antiquities are Treasured … in London

9. Rhodes’ Road to Canada

8. Newark Board of Trade Finds a Curious Way to Save an Earthwork

7. Presidents and Generals First

6. Traitor Runs for Governor

5. No One Believes the Passenger Pigeon Will Go Extinct … Until it Does

4. Escape

3. Ohio Admited to the Union… in 1953

2. The Toledo-Michigan Border War

1.  Burning River

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2 Responses to Top Ten Complete

  1. J Bannister says:

    Awww, come on, guys – – the topics for the next blogs are easy. If you are hoping to inspire discussion and learning, how about . . .

    – – oldest buildings/towns/(people?)in Ohio
    – – longest running (sporting event, church organization, bookstore . . .)

  2. J Bannister says:


    – – most interesting historical events re: Ohio sports teams
    – – saddest events in Ohio history (Kent State 1969)
    – – biggest natural disasters (Xenia)
    – – most significant events (Burning Tree Mastadon)
    – – most significant contributors to the state’s well being

    Nice job on Most Embarrassing. Lookign forward to the next Countdown.

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