Now for Number 2

The 2nd Most Embarrassing Moment of Ohio History is…

2.The Toledo-Michigan Border War

Toledo (1835). In 1835, a long-standing dispute between Ohio and the Michigan Territory over a section of Ohio’s poorly-drawn northern boundary boiled over, with both sides sending in militia. An attempted arrest in Toledo by the Monroe County, Michigan deputy sheriff of Two Stickney, whose brother’s name was One, resulted in the only blood shed in the conflict.  Two stabbed the deputy sheriff, causing a minor flesh wound. The conflict reached its apex of absurdity on September 7th, when the newly minted Lucas County Court of Common Pleas – meeting in secret midnight session to prove Ohio’s jurisdiction – was routed by an imaginary force of Michigan militia. The court had retired to a local tavern to celebrate their success when word came of the approaching militia. In the resulting panic and retreat, the clerk of courts lost his hat containing the minutes of the meeting. The rumor proved to be unfounded, the papers were soon recovered, and by September 10th, the “Toledo War” was over. In 1836, Congress gave the contested 450 square miles to Ohio, and as a compromise, gave the new state of Michigan 9,000 square miles of what is now the Upper Peninsula.

Portrait of Governor Robert Lucas from the collections of the Ohio Historical Society.

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3 Responses to Now for Number 2

  1. stacey says:

    the 3th? not the 3rd?
    the 2th? not the 2nd?

  2. Mahousu says:

    Hey, this isn’t embarrassing. In the end, Ohio beat Michigan! Can’t always say that in the Big 10.

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