10 Finalists Chosen for National Statuary Hall Replacement

The National Statuary Collections Study Committee voted to narrow down the list of finalists to 10 this afternoon to replace William Allen in National Statuary Hall in Washington, DC. The 10 finalists are in alphabetical order:

The Ohio Historical Society is partnering with the Statuary Committee to collect public input on the 10 finalists by providing ballot boxes at participating historic sites and museums. In addition to the OHS sites and museums, ballot boxes will also available to the public at the Ohio Statehouse, Union Terminal in Cincinnati and at the Western Reserve Historical Society Museum in Cleveland. The Statuary Committee will hold a press conference the afternoon of Wednesday, March 3 to unveil more specific details. In the meantime, we expect to update Legacy for Ohio in the next couple of days to reflect more information about the 10 finalists. Stay tuned.

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One Response to 10 Finalists Chosen for National Statuary Hall Replacement

  1. KT2010 says:

    We have 100 statues in National Statuary Hall and only nine are women. Girls need to see the women of our nation honored equally with men and women need to be honored for their achievements. Vote for a woman.

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