Government Services December Report

The following recently accessioned series have been cataloged by State Archives staff in December and descriptions are available in the Online Collection Catalog

  • State Archives Series 5096: Columbus (OH) Parks and Recreation Commission. Minutes 1985-2003
  • State Archives Series 7245: Adjutant General. Ohio Casualties in Korean Area 1953
  • State Archives Series 7246: Dept. of Public Safety.  Homeland Security. Meeting Records 2005 

In anticipation of the upcoming Civil War Sesquicentennial staff of the State Archives and the Ohio Historical Society are adding government records pertaining to the war to Ohio Memory.  One series to be highlighted through Ohio Memory is State Archives Series 146: Ohio Adjutant General’s Department’s Correspondence to the Governor and Adjutant General of Ohio.  These letters were written by military commanders, politicians, county military committees, local politicians, and recruiters and demonstrate the challenges Ohioans faced during the war.  Included in the series is information pertaining to the raising and equipping of troops, the draft, prisoners of war, efforts to defend Ohio’s borders, and battles such as Bull Run, Shiloh, Perryville, Stones River, and Vicksburg.  Please stay tuned to Ohio Memory as work on this project continues.  

In an effort to provide improved access to government records, the following finding aids for record series have been added to the OHS Finding Aids Collection in Ohio Memory.  They are also linked to the catalog records in our Online Collections Catalog. You can search for the State Archives Series number in the Archives/Library Keyword call number search.

  • State Archives Series 7113: Ohio Expositions Commission.  General Manager.  Public relations and marketing files, 1971-1993.
  • State Archives Series 7114: Ohio Expositions Commission.  Agriculture.  Contest policy information files, 1991-1997. 
  • State Archives Series 7128: Secretary of State.  Subject files, 1990-2001. 
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