OHS in the News

It is a new year and things are happening at the Ohio Historical Society.

The Stow Sentry reports on the passage of House Bill 75 that will give Ohio citizens the opportunity to directly support history:

“Tax Payers Could Donate to the Ohio Historical Society” http://www.stowsentry.com/news/article/4736029.

The Youngstown Vindicator reports on the status of the site management agreement between Youngstown State University and the Ohio Historical Society to jointly operate the Youngstown Historical Center: 

“YSU Eager to Take Over Operations of Steel Museum” http://www.vindy.com/news/2009/dec/31/ysu-eager-to-take-over-operations-of-steel-museum/.

Two articles in the Columbus Dispatch report on the Ohio Historical Society’s plans to revitalize the Ohio Historical Center and maintain the collections of the History of Flight Museum:

“Ohio Historical Center to Trim Hours During Museum Overhaul” http://www.dispatch.com/live/content/local_news/stories/2009/12/28/copy/historical_society.ART_ART_12-28-09_B1_E5G4JRM.html

“Flight Treasure Collection to be Split Up, Historical Society Hopes to Arrange Displays Elsewhere”


Last but not least our own Bradley T. Leppper, curator of archaeology, has a column about the development of agriculture in prehistoric societies in the Sunday Insight section of the Columbus Dispatch: 

“Roots of Modernity Go Far Back”


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