Collections Cataloged and Available to Researchers

The Manuscripts & Visual Resources Team at the Ohio Historical Society is pleased to announce that a variety of new collections are cataloged and available to researchers.  These original manuscript and photographic collections are housed at the Ohio Historical Center in Columbus, Ohio.  They are available for use in the Archives/Library reading room to the public during open hours.  To find out more about the collections on the list, please got to our Online Collections Catalog,  You can search for collections by the call number or keywords in the title. 

Thank you,

The Manuscripts and Visual Resources Team

Matt Benz, John Haas, Kate Folmar and Lisa Wood

Call Number                  Collection Title

MSS 1456 AV               Harriet Beecher Stowe Home Memorial Collection

SC 4336                        Clement L. Vallandigham

SC 5777                        Xenia Tornado Photographs

VFM 5467                     D. Read Letter

VFM 5480                     State Board of Medical Registration and Examination


VFM 5481                     Scioto County Soldier’s Relief Commission Meeting


VFM 5482                     Sanitary Commission Recruitment Letter

VFM 5484                     John Brown II Commission

VFM 5485                     John Brown II Commission

VFM 5486                     James Stephenson Appointment

VFM 5487                     John Brown II Commission

VFM 5488                     George Fisher Commission

VFM 5489                     John Brown Commission

VFM 5490                     Edward Livingston Commission

VFM 5492                     Ohio’s Quarters

VFM 5494                     Receipts (Recipes) for Dyeing

VFM 5798                     Abram McElhose Discharge

VFM 5801                     Robert M. Crawford Papers

VFM 5894                     Who Wouldn’t be a Soldier? Poem

VFM 5895                     Negro Melody Broadside

VFM 5896                     Lecture Broadside

VFM 5897                     E.L. Durbin Buggy Sale Broadside

VFM 5898                     The Story of the Andrews’ Raid Told by Mr. W.J. Knight

                                     Lecture Broadside

VFM 5899                     Lecture, The Life of William McKinley Broadside

VFM 5900                     Reunion of the 46th O.V.V.I. Broadside

VFM 5901                     H.P. Maus Advertising Broadside

VOL 1440                      Franklin County Sheriff’s Office Complaint Book

VOL 1559                      Philip Jacob Mauer II Diary

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