A Great, Big NASA Garage Sale

In a blog post yesterday, Fox News reporter Phil Keating highlights an exciting new opportunity for space related institutions around the country.  A great, big space garage sale!

As NASA prepares to retire the Space Shuttle program, they are making available many items that will not be needed for the new Constellation program.  This mass distribution of NASA associated objects is unprecedented in the history of the organization.  Museums, state-sanctioned educational institutions, and NASA visitor centers can request these unique objects and they will be more available to the public than ever before.

The curatorial staff here at the Ohio Historical Society has been hard at work in order to be considered as a future home for some of these NASA objects.  Whether it is space food, a pair of astronaut boots, or a piece of the shuttle, any potential acquisition will be a great addition to the Ohio Historical Society’s collections.  Any space items that we should receive will eventually be displayed at the Armstrong Air & Space Museum.

To see a few of the items offered by NASA during this historic give away, check out this slide show.

E. Higgins

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