OHS Provide Resources for Story about WPA

In September several OHS staff members met with Joe Hallett, senior editor at the Columbus Dispatch.  He was interested in writing a story comparing the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009 with the Works Progress Administration, an economic stimulus program from the 1930s.    Hallett wondered how the programs compared in multiple ways, including how they were perceived by the public; the types of projects and programs they funded; and the impact they made on society.   We made a variety of materials from our state archives and photographic archives available to him.  Two articles, Stimulus Legacy Less Tangible than WPA and Great Depression’s WPA Jobs Program Left Lasting Legacy in Ohio both ran in the Sunday, October 18th edition of the Dispatch.  Listed below are collections documenting the WPA in the OHS archives.

Call Number        Title
AV 48                Ohio Post Office Artwork Collection

AV 153               Agricultural Adjustment Administration Photograph Collection

AV 209               Works Progress Administration Construction Projects

P 384                 Civilian Conservation Corps Camp 1505th Company, Fort Hill,

                          Sinking Springs, Ohio

State Archives Series 1038 AV      Cleveland Guide Photograph Collection

State Archives Series 1039 AV      Ohio Guide Photograph Collection

State Archives Series 1040 AV      County Work Files

State Archives Series 3076            State and Federal Projects, 1933-1936, 1939

State Archives Series 3078             Federal Program Records, 1933-1942

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