New Collections Available to Researchers

The Manuscripts & Visual Resources Team at the Ohio Historical Society is pleased to announce that a variety of new collections are cataloged and available to researchers.  These original manuscript and photographic collections are housed at the Ohio Historical Center in Columbus, Ohio.  They are available for use in the Archives/Library reading room to the public during open hours.  To find out more about the collections on the list, please got to our Online Collections Catalog,  You can search for collections by the call number or keywords in the title. 

OVS 7334     Wilmington College, Wilmington, Ohio Photograph

OVS 7335     Worlds Conservation Exposition & Plowing Contests,

                    Adams County, Peebles, Ohio Photograph

OVS 7336     The Face of America, Y Bridge, Zanesville, Ohio

OVS 7337     Third Street Bridge, Zanesville, Ohio

SC 5774        National Road Mile Marker and Sign

SC 5775        Columbus Eagle Bar Staff

VFM 5785      Massillon Engine and Threshing Company Records

VFM 5791 AV Lewis D. Campbell Papers

VFM 5793      A Lifetime of Memories by Julia I. Dalrymple

VFM 5794      Ku Klux Klan Knights Kamelia Pledge

VFM 5796      Jacob J. Greene Letters

VFM 5797      Solomon Stanley Civil War Service Certificates

VFM 5887      Let Erin Remember the Days of Old Theater Broadside

VFM 5888      Erasmus Guest Letters

VFM 5889      Letter of Reference

VFM 5890      Our Police and Grog Shops

VFM 5891      Rules for Carrollton Academy

VFM 5892      Are you Aware, Advertisement for W. H. Ingraham 


VFM 5893      Fools and Failures, Advertisement for Lecture by Aaron

                    S. Watkins

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2 Responses to New Collections Available to Researchers

  1. Leslie Dalrymple says:

    I am related to Julia I. Dalrymple and am researching genealogy of her line of our family. I am in Michigan. How can I see what types of information are in the file? Is it on the internet? Thank you for your assistance!

    VFM 5793 – A Lifetime of Memories by Julia I. Dalrymple

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