Come to Home Movie Day

Film archivists and historians have long appreciated home movies as examples of amateur film making and a rich historic record of everyday life.  To bring home movies out of the shoebox and help people view the original films, the Center for Home Movies began Home Movie Day.  The first Home Movie Day event was held in 2003.  It has been held every year since at more and more locations.  To celebrate Archives Month the Ohio Historical Society will hold our first Home Movie Day.  Bring your 16mm and 8mm films to be inspected by an archivist and played on working projectors.   We will inspect and play as many films as possible.   No registration is necessary, but the sooner you arrive the more likely that your film can be played.  You are also welcome to just come and enjoy the show.   According to actor and comedian Steve Martin, “Home Movie Day is important because our lives, our recollections, and our truth is recorded in home movies. One day, what the heck, c’mon!”

Date:  Saturday, October 17, 2009

Time:  1-4 PM

Location:  Ohio Historical Center at I-71 and 17th Ave.

Cost:  Participation is free with museum admission. 

If you have questions about Home Movie Day at the Ohio Historical Society, please write to

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