New Collections Available to Researchers

The Manuscripts & Visual Resources Team at the Ohio Historical Society hopes that everyone is enjoying the spring weather!  We are pleased to announce that a variety of new collections are cataloged and available to researchers.  These original manuscript, photographic and film collections are housed at the Ohio Historical Center in Columbus, Ohio.  They are available for use in the Archives/Library reading room to the public during open hours.  To find out more about the collections on the list, please got to our Online Collections Catalog,  You can search for collections by the call number or keywords in the title.  We plan to keep posting these updates on a monthly basis.  Check the Collections blog regularly for more information about collections and programs at the Ohio Historical Society in 2009.

Call Number                Title

OVS 7329                     Panoramic Photograph of Cross section, Central  

                                         Mound, Seip Group, Ross Co.

SC 1499                         Wyandot Mission

SC 4938                          Kings Mills, Ohio

SC 5773                          Archie Clyde Mann Photograph

VFM 5764                     Ohio Right to Life Society, Inc. Records

VFM 5765                      Columbus Triathlon Records

VFM 5766                      Action for Children Records

VFM 5767                      Cincinnati Committee of Correspondence, Green


VFM 5768                      Marten Morris and Elizabeth James Marriage


VFM 5770                      Wexner Center for the Visual Arts Dedication Papers

VFM 5840 AV               Dormire Family Photograph

VFM 5876                      Edward Francis Hill Papers

VFM 5876 AV              Edward Francis Hill Papers Photograph Series

VFM 5877                     Olive Emily Harrison Barr Papers

VFM 5877 AV             Olive Emily Harrison Barr Papers Photograph Series

VFM 5878                     Walter G. Erb Papers

VFM 5879                     Emma Morrow Sanson Papers

VFM 5883                     Edgar and Emelia Littlefield, Ohio Potters

VFM 5884                     Lesquereux Christmas Advertisement

VFM 5885                     Mary Guthridge Letters

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