Octagon Open House This Weekend – April 19-20

As Moundbuilders Country Club approaches 100 years of their history on the site of the Octagon Earthworks, bought with property tax dollars in 1890 to preserve these 2000 year old marvels, they hold off on the golf four times each spring and summer to allow public access over the entire grounds, not just the public viewing platform that’s open all year.

This Sunday from Noon to 4 pm, and Monday 10 am to 2 pm, the Ohio Historical Society will offer programming and tours out into the 50+ acre octagonal enclosure and attached nearly 30 acre circle, all the way to the 14 foot tall reconstructed “Observatory Mound” visible from the Licking Memorial Hospital parking lots.

The site is actually open for public exploration from dawn to dusk on those two days, but the programmed activities are during those hours mentioned above, off the MBCC parking lot, at the corner of 33rd St. north of West Main, and Parkview Drive, one way off of 30th St. opposite Cherry Valley School.

With flowering trees and greening grass, the scenery is beautiful, and a number of us will be delighted to tell you about the history buried just below the surface, as well as the alignments standing out among the geometric shapes of this ancient marvel and wonder of the world — about to be named to the United Nations’ World Heritage Site list.

Come join us!

Jeff Gill

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