October is Ohio Archaeology Month

Each October the Ohio Archaeological Council sponsors Archaeology Month. The poster theme this year highlights efforts in Ohio underwater archaeology.

As part of the celebration, OHS will hold an Archaeology Fair on October 4th. Another post will come out later this week listing details about that event.

Please read on for information about all the exciting events you can see in October.



Celebrating our cultural heritage…

Please join us in celebrating Ohio Archaeology Month throughout the month of October 2008. The mission of this annual event is to promote awareness of Ohio’s cultural heritage as revealed through nearly 200 years of archaeological research! A series of statewide educational events designed to highlight archaeological research throughout Ohio are planned. This year, we have over 20 events planned across all portions of the state including presentations, artifact identification days, exhibits, and more. The celebration kicks off with events in Cleveland, Columbus, and Dayton, and culminates on November 1 with the Ohio Archaeological Council’s Fall Meeting in Newark. Detailed information for each event is listed below.

The 2008 Ohio Archaeology Month is a volunteer effort sponsored by the Ohio Archaeological Council. The Ohio Archaeological Council is a private, nonprofit, charitable, scientific, and educational membership organization incorporated with the state of Ohio in 1975 to promote the advancement of archaeology in Ohio through research, education, and consultation with government agencies and the public. Visit our website www.ohioarchaeology.org for more details and additions to the Schedule of Events.

The following individuals and organizations generously donated to this year’s event: The Ohio Archaeological Council, The Ohio Historical Society, The Great Lakes Historical Society, Environmental Resources Management, Inc., The Mannik & Smith Group, Inc., Boonshoft Museum of Discovery/Dayton Society of Natural History, Ohio University, Hardlines Design Company, Heritage Education & Research Services, Maritime Archaeological Survey Team, Inc., Dennis Cramer, Linda Pansing, and Linda Whitman.

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2 Responses to October is Ohio Archaeology Month

  1. Anonymous says:

    How cool! I’m a scuba diver. Is there anyway I can find out more about underwater archaeology?

  2. Carrie says:

    There is a great archaeology fair this weekend that will have a lot of information about Underwater archaeology. For underwater archaeology opportunities for SCUBA divers – visit http://www.ohiomast.org or email shipwreck@inlandseas.org

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