Day 7: 2008 Pickawillany Hocking College Field School

Wednesday the 30th was such a busy day! Over 140 members of the public traveled by canal boat to see what all the “buzz” was about.

Today Elise was the lucky student who was chosen to show visitors some of the interesting artifacts they have found (photo 1).

People talked to students who were diligently excavating and some even joined in on screening for artifacts. One actually found a Pickawillany era lead item. She thought it was “way cool” to be the first one to come across this item in 250 years (photo 2)!

After an hour the visitation came to a close and everyone reluctantly left the site. Time just seemed to fly by too fast.

At the end of a long hot day the students were treated to a dinner hosted by the Piqua Area Historical Society Friends Council. In attendance were members of the Council, local business representatives, Ohio Historical Society Division Directors, and Daryl Baldwin and George Ironstrake of the

Miami Tribe of Oklahoma. Both Daryl and George spoke to everyone about the importance of the work the field school students are doing and how the information they gather will be valuable in helping to interpret the site (photo 3, Daryl right, George second on the right).

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