Day 4: 2008 Pickawillany Hocking College Field School

To paraphrase the famous quote from the movie Field of Dreams…”if you excavate it, they will come”. And did they ever!

The day started with interviews by Dayton’s WKEF ABC 22 Ohio (photo 1). Here is a link to their story

Next came the long awaited public tour, one of two that will be given during the Hocking College field school. Over 120 people boarded the canal boat at 12:30 to be transported back to the site. They came in as one large wave which, as one person remarked, was somewhat reminiscent of the French and Ottawa attack that ended the Miami and British occupation of Pickawillany. After an introduction by site manager Andy Hite and a welcome by OHS archaeologist Linda Pansing, one of the field supervisors, Tony Cox, addressed the crowd. Afterward everyone was encouraged to talk to the students about what they were doing and look at the artifacts and features that have been discovered during the excavation. Families listened while students explained why archaeology is important not only to them but in helping interpret the site (photo 2). The “Champion” day campers looked on with eager eyes, fascinated by the whole process (photo 3).

Along with the visitors came the crew of “Around the Farm”, a local access channel program which promotes the various events at the Piqua Historical Area. They interviewed students about the

excavation units (photo 4) and artifacts.

After an hour on site, the tour was over and the visitors walked back to the canal boat.

If you would like to see what all the buzz is about there is one more open visitation day available and we would love to see you! It is Wednesday July 3oth. For more information please call the Piqua Historical Area at 800-752-2619.

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