Day 3: 2008 Pickawillany Hocking College Field School

Another glorious day at Pickawillany and the amount of public and professional interest in the site is evident by the many visitors the field school had today. Both Ohio Magazine (photo 1) and the Dayton Daily News (photo 2) traveled across farm fields to see the students in action.

Martha Potter Otto and Brad Lepper, Curators of Archaeology from the Ohio Historical Society, were show around the excavation by Hocking College instructor Dr. Annette Ericksen (photo 3).

Not only is the field school receiving local and regional visitation but it is of international interest as well. Ian Taylor from the British Museum, likely one of the few British citizens to come to the site since it was abandoned 256 year ago, spent time speaking with Dr. Ericksen about the various discoveries the students have made so far this field season. He was so taken by the history and work that is being done that he expressed interest in joining the crew in the field next year!

Now on to recent discoveries.

Adjacent to two posts moulds which were discussed in a previous blog, an additional post was located (photo 4). In the center of the unit featured this picture you can see a sizable rock located in the post mould. The questions still remain as to the time period the posts belong and how many more posts are left to be found.

In a different excavation unit a kaolin pipe fragment was found (photo 5). You can see this portion is where the pipe stem and bowl came together.

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