The Earthworks of Southern Ohio: Ancient Monuments of the Eastern Woodlands

The following announcement is from Dr. Bill Laidlaw, Chief Executive Officer of the Ohio Historical Society.

The Earthworks of Southern Ohio: Ancient Monuments of the Eastern Woodlands is a driving tour that focuses on three of the most sophisticated and talented mound-building cultures in Ohio – the Adena, the Hopewell, and the Fort Ancient. It features 10 sites, including Serpent Mound and Seip Mound, that are considered by experts to be among the most significant Native American earthworks in the United States.

The tour is a collaborative project between the Ohio Historical Society and Ohio Valley Regional Development Commission. Additional partners include Adams County Travel & Visitors Bureau, Highland County Convention & Visitors Bureau, Mills James Productions, National Park Service, Ohio Department of Development-Governor’s Office of Appalachia, Pike County Convention & Visitors Bureau, Portsmouth Area Convention & Visitors Bureau and Ross-Chillicothe Convention & Visitors Bureau.

Recently, the Earthworks of Southern Ohio has received excellent media attention, including articles in the Cincinnati Enquirer and Columbus Dispatch. I’m forwarding the links to both travel features:

Rising to the occasion Columbus Dispatch – June 22, 2008

Mounds signify ancient majesty Cincinnati Enquirer – June 8, 2008

The DVD and audio series are available for purchase through the OhioHistory Store at

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