Field School 2008: Hocking College

The following is from Hocking College about their field school this summer.



Hocking College Archaeological Field School (June 30-Sept. 4, 2008)

10 Weeks of Discovery that will Put You in the Right Path to a Career in Archaeology

Join our seasoned field staff and the archaeologists at the Ohio Historical Society as we investigate Ohio’s early Settlement history at Pickawillany.

Assist the city of Wellston in the re-discovery of their founding father by excavating the Harvey Wells Estate.

Find out about the daily lives of Marietta’s first settlers while excavating a large prehistoric Indian Village that dates to A.D. 1300.

The program includes the following experiences:

  • Orienting and Map Reading
  • Survey and Excavation Techniques
  • Mitigation of Archaeological Resources
  • Historic and Prehistoric Materials Management
  • Field Documentation and Report Preparation
  • Site and Feature Mapping and Stratigraphic Analysis
  • Water Flotation of Soil Samples
  • Issues in Archaeological Ethics
  • Public Archaeology in Cultural Resources Management.

Hocking student work closely with community organizations to help preserve the past for future generations. Awareness of the need for public education and outreach ensures that archaeological resources are properly managed.

It’s more than just digging, archaeology is an exacting science and a rewarding career that serves the public. The employment outlook for incoming technicians is excellent.

Modeled after the real world workplace, the Hocking Field School is highly regarded in the Cultural Resource Management Industry and will celebrate it’s 10th year of academic excellence.

Current tuition and general fee costs can be viewed online under “Tuition and General Services” at

For more information contact:

Annette G. Ericksen, Ph.D.

Archaeology Coordinator


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2 Responses to Field School 2008: Hocking College

  1. Anonymous says:

    im very interested in field school 2008 please contact me at your earliest connivance so i could ask a few questions about attending thank you –Troy.A.Neal—3308546515 or email@ hope to hear from you soon—-

  2. Linda Pansing says:

    Hi Troy,

    I just sent you an email so get back in touch with you questions when you can.

    Take care,


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