Open House at the Octagon Earthworks

Join us at the Octagon Earthworks on Sunday October 21st!

The fun begins at 1 PM and includes the following activities:

Guided Tours
Guided tours of the Octagon Earthworks by OHS staff and volunteers will be offered at 1:15, 2:45 and 3:30 PM. Visitors are welcome to tour the earthworks on their own, but are asked to please stay off the greens.

The Straight and Narrow: Lunar Alignments and the Earthworks
Archaeoastronomer Mike Mickelson presents a fascinating discussion on the lunar alignment phenomena associated with the earthworks.

Flint Knapping Demonstrations
Flint knapper Phil Love will demonstrate the ancient art of turning flint into projectile points and tools. His demonstrations will be on-going from 1to 4 PM.

Mark Welsh will share traditional Native American stories at 2 & 3 PM.

History-to-Go Van
Visitors are invited to participate in a variety of fun and educational hands-on activities from 1 to 4 PM.

Scheduled activities will conclude at 4 PM, but visitors are welcome to stay until dusk.

For more information about the Octagon Earthworks, including directions on how to get to the site, go to, or call Jim Kingery at 1-(800) 600-7178.

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